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consulting & training

We consult with clients about websites, branding, marketing & the internet. We help clients communicate their messages, position their brands, & promote their products and services. We can also conduct training for you or your staff.


Trust us to make the right decisions based on our combination of knowledge, genuine experience and independence to support you.

types of consulting...


WEBSITES (Business)

Over 15 years’ experience means we most likely know what your business or company needs in a website. Let us analyse your current site or write a report detailing exactly what we think your business requires.



we help clients to balance the competing demands of user and brand experience - what you want, and what actually works. We understand that there’s never one right answer. That’s why we’re focussed on solutions that suit each individual project.



The digital world has matured. As the focus has shifted to effectiveness, the demand for our specialist skills as consultants has increased. It's not all about websites alone. You need to know how to promote, manage and maintain your online assets.



If you can reach all of your audiences through ‘owned’ channels, count yourself lucky. Social media is a force to be reckoned with, but only if you have a clear set of priorities. We can help you cut through what seems like an overwhelming number of options and help you define an approach that works.


WEBSITES (Personal / Shop)

Not too sure where to start online? We can advise you exactly what the best way forward is for your current website - or your new website. Save yourself from wasting your hard-earned time and money.



From strategy and creative thinking to media planning, execution and ongoing optimisation, we’ve got the skills you need to deliver your message to your audiences. We’ve run online campaigns of all sizes for clients as diverse as distilleries to politicians.



Communicating in a digital world is a never-ending battle for attention. So great content matters more than anything. We provide copywriting, infographic, animation and video content services for a wide range of clients in a very wide range of industries.


We offer training in many areas of the web industry. we teach you one-on-one.
We talk to you - not at you!

types of training...



To be a leader in the digital space requires a degree of specialisation. We offer a range of training in several CMS systems that we think serve our clients best. By investing in only those selected platforms, we can make sure our clients get the most out of them. We will teach you how to use the CMS that best suits your website - so you can update your site yourself, saving you time and expense.



A website is just one part of your business or company’s exposure to the customer - another is your shop front. We have years of experience in retail sales (many in the IT/Communications industry) and can teach 'first-time', and experienced employees, how to effectively 'sell themselves' and their product to prospective shoppers. This unfortunately, is a trait we find very lacking in many retail environments these days...



Ok, it may be taking money out of our own mouths(!), but we can also teach you how to create your own website - for yourself. Maybe you want to build your own site, but don't know where to start? Maybe you have been "given" that job by your employer or company, and you have no clue what you're doing? We can help you either begin from the start, or take over an existing website!

Having years of actual experience, combined with our mix of partners & unquestioned skills, benefits all of our clients in a very broad range of industries.