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in plain english?

Ok. Yes we are used to dealing with clients who are very new to all things internet, and all things website! So just for that reason, below is a pretty simple overview of what we do ... in 'plain english'! No technical jargon, no geek babble, and no hidden agendas! If you still aren't sure what we really do after reading this, then maybe it's time you just called us and ask!


website services

We can:

  • build you a website, blog or an online shop,
  • give general website and online advice,
  • create a search engine optimisation report and SEO plan for your existing website,
  • implement search engine optimisation strategies on your existing website,
  • troubleshoot and solve and problems on your existing website,
  • write content (with search engines and humans in mind),
  • teach you how to use Squarespace or WordPress, if your existing site is built in either of these CMS systems,
  • brand any social media service you want or need to get into and teach you how to use it,
  • create business cards, posters, banners, logos, and develop your entire brand with you,
  • create email signatures for your business email, and teach you how to install them,
  • and much more – throw us a suggestion and we’ll let you know if we can do it. 

and the best part is that it’s not as expensive as you think.


the next step

Once you have your online following, and you believe that your business will benefit from branching out further online, we can take you through the steps as you need them.

Be it:

  • registering a domain name,
  • getting a reliable hosting package to store your website & emails on,
  • designing your website to your individual business requirements (not just what everyone else has),
  • building you a blog or online shop,
  • designing a responsive layout (to automatically change your website for all sorts of different devices – phones, tablets, desktops, etc),
  • help you with writing your content so both humans and search engines can work with it,
  • teaching you how to use your website and update your own content (including text, images, videos, links, galleries, podcasts, shop products etc.),
  • setting up an online book store for your digital content (e.g., ebooks),
  • incorporating a simple payment gateway for online purchases - including Stripe, Paypal, Square, Ecwid & many others,
  • configuring a pay-per-view or paid subscription service for your premium, paid content,
  • incorporating social media services into the website using seamlessly integrated feeds,
  • going live,
  • and loads more!

We make sure we only do what YOU want to do, when you are ready to do it. For example, we could start out with a simple small website, with just a couple of pages about your business, and add a blog at a later date, and then an online shop further down the line if you wanted to branch into selling products and generating an income through your website.

Pick & choose what you need

We're not interested in ripping people off or just getting money for a job and leaving it to you, never to be seen from again. In fact, we have taken over many, many clients & website in the past who have simply been left high & dry with no idea of what to do. Unfortunately this industry is full of "self proclaimed award winning experts" who have no idea what they are doing - or just simply find it's too hard and disappear 'overnight'! 
We want to build awesome websites for everyday people, and we will continue to support you and improve your entire online presence, not just your website.


website support

We are available for general website support and training over email or phone - or we can jump in the car and come visit you at your place or business. If you’re already a client of ours and it’s a simple question/answer – just ask.

If you’re a friend of a friend, or a new client, due to time and business constraints, and the fact we are a business & we don't just do this for fun(!), we can’t offer our services for free ... sorry.
If you don’t want to pay for our experience & services, try your luck asking your Facebook friends, or your sister-in-law's brother's friend's cousin...

Existing websites that are not built by us

If you have an old website that you simply want updated, send us a quick message and let us know exactly what you need. After we look at your site, and its code-base, we’ll be able to provide you with a quote. If it’s cheaper to do so, we’ll just charge an hourly rate. If we think it's simply a waste of time and money, don't worry, we'll tell you that too!

If you have an existing, old website and want to upgrade it to a new brand one, or a cool new CMS-based (built in a system where you can login and edit the website information yourself) website you can edit all the content yourself, just ask, and we’ll let you know exactly where you stand...